Ecz.Mustafa TURUNÇ

Dear My Colleagues and Dear Partners,

We have left behind a year. Sadly, it was a year of terrorism rising in our country and various parts of the world in 2016, paralleling nationalism and militarized sentiments.

Terror is a crime of humanity ... We are cursed where it comes from! We lost a lot of lives from our security forces and our citizens because of terror. We see that as the number of people who lose their lives increases, the differentiation of the country increases and the feelings of love and fraternity decrease. We are worried!

Our country needs the normalization, the reestablishment of the feelings of peace and brotherhood. It is necessary to know that this is the way to raise democracy and freedoms to a level of contemporary level, judicial independence and the rule of law. Those living in internal and external politics do not just disrupt society's social fabric and psychology; It also affects the country's economy. Turkey is a powerful country. When necessary conditions are met, I am convinced that we will get rid of the terror and problems we have.

As Pharmacist Cooperatives, we must say that despite this chaotic process, we have had a successful year. Our market share reached 20-21% level. We are continuing to increase as a power of groups that regulates the system in favor of pharmacists.

The changes and transformations in the fields of health, medicine and pharmacy cause serious difficulties in maintaining a sustainable pharmaceutical service. Every colleague should know well that there is no way that struggle against difficulties as alone or in small groups. These difficulties can be resolve if a struggle area can be created by increasing our strength and solidarity in the pharmacist chambers, TEB and Pharmacist Cooperatives. There is no other way out. we calling al our colleagues to protect  their organizations and unite their forces.

Dear Colleagues; Even though the terror shows its bloody face again in the first hours we entered in 2017,  I wish  a year with  peace, tranquillity and confidence increased. Besides these wishes, we need to express some realities. The year 2017 will be a challenging year. We will live a year that our pharmacists should not be over-borrowed. Moreover, a year 2017 that should transfer of additional resources to their pharmacies… Our colleagues should know that instead of looking at daily short-term approaches, they need to look at the big picture and understand better, that their interests are in the pharmacist cooperatives, as the institutions become strengthened, they will also be stronger.

Pharmacists' cooperatives should also build bridge with their partners, and taking care to promote their relations with their partners. By saving more, it is necessary to maintain safe port by increasing operational efficiency and service quality.

 Those that happened in the first half of the year of 2016 were months in which to should take important lessons for pharmacy cooperatives. We are also pleased to see that these lessons have been taken. We have difficulties and worries but we will get over these difficulties.

To get over these difficulties as greatest task is to fall our dear partners.  We will be in solidarity, we will protect our cooperatives, we will strengthen them, and we will always be with them. The board of directors and our employees are doing best one they can do and they will be more diligent in this process. In the mean time, Pharmaceutical industry is fallen also duty. The strengthening of our pharmacist cooperatives, the increase of our own resources, is an indication of the interests of our partners. The presence of our pharmacist cooperatives in the field of distribution is also a guarantee for the stability of the sales conditions of our industrialists and its access to the pharmacy. It is very important for the pharmacist to know the drug industry correctly and to understand the difficulties that you are having and to help empathize. I also want to emphasize that the positive discrimination sometimes made in the field should also be done for the pharmacist cooperatives.

Dear industrialists, pharmacist cooperatives are also strategic, very meaningful and respected institutions for you.

As TEKB and Pharmacist Cooperatives, we continue to strengthen our relations with the Pharmacist Chambers and TEB. It is very meaningful for us be  accepted by Turkish Pharmacists' Association the year of 2017 as the " Year of Pharmacist Cooperatives " upon our proposal. This approach is also an indication of how strong the cooperation and solidarity that is exists in our organizations. We would like to express our thanks to TEB Central Committee, Audit Commission and High Honour Society members.

Dear Colleagues, As I mentioned at the beginning of my writing, make a year of peace, friendship and love in 2017. I wish you a happy, peaceful and successful year.

To better days...

Dear My Colleagues,
We have left behind yet another TEKB general meeting. I will be taking on the task as the TEKB Board Chairman because of theactive role taken in the country politics by Mr. Abdullah Özyiğit who has represented our unity for long years. This situation has given me a big responsibility. I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to Mr. Özyiğit for his contribution to the cooperative movements and would like to state that we have no doubt that he will continue his support and contribution in the forthcoming periods just like he always did.

Dear colleagues and stockholders; the field of medicine and pharmacy has been going through a problematic change and conversion through the last 10 years. First, before I get to these changes I can’t help but discuss the politic chaos and terrorism events that have touched us all deeply.  We condemn terrorism, wherever it comes from, and we see it as a crime against humanity and we believe that it cannot be seen as a legitimate act. However, achieving social peace is a political responsibility and it is up to the politicians to take on this responsibility. Based on equal citizenship, we are compelled to live together in a brotherly way without marginalizing, disregarding, and discriminating anyone for their religion, tongue and race. This country is ours… By saying peace right now, I would also like to underline that, as the pharmacy union cooperation, be assured that we will fulfillour duty that is expected from us regarding this matter. 

When it comes to the evaluation of the field of pharmacy, it is said that the pharmaceutical industry is facing serious problems about the matters of global budgeting, benchmark prices and rate spires. Pharmacists are going through the biggest economic earthquake in Turkish Republic history as a result of the increase in operating expenses which resulted with a decrease in profit margins. The financial structures of pharmacies collapsed because of the inability to incorporate the concept of work rights in business life. According to data attained from TEB, this situation led to a state that one out of two pharmacies will not be able to serve. 

When we take a look at the chain of distribution, we see a parallel nuisance that the medicine industry is facing. The downfall of profitability in this area has caused the financial crisis to reflect on the institutions of pharmacists. The increased expenditure related with better warehouse executions and applications have placed the institutions that operate in this field in to a bad situation.

When we examine the pharmaceutics education, we can see that most of it is still based on small alterations of educational programs that were used during the 1930’s. We are at a time where we question the quality of the given education and the surplus amount of pharmaceutics faculties and why it can’t supply any pharmaceutical academicians.  Since there are not newly added fields to this profession, our graduated colleagues tend to choose a career as a pharmacist. This occasion leads to a market narrowing, which can lead to moral impairment. The main purpose is not to open excess amount of pharmacy departments in schools and admit students to these departments, it should be to train qualified pharmacists. Objections to the political authority should be carried out throughout every region to get a favorable result.  

My fellow friends, in scope of these detections, we are at a situation where we have to stop and think about what we did and what we should do. What does a pharmacist do? If we start with this problem, first we have to wipe off the perception of the person that takes the medicine from the shelf and gives it to the patient. I would not like to be unfair, but it is clear that there are efforts in trying to break this perception in the last few years. However, it is also clear that it is not enough. I can still say that, a part of society and the Board of Health still perceive us this way. Our first step should be to request and form legal grounds for our pharmacists, since they have so much to give to the health services. To attain these rights, we have to submit realistic projects to the political and health authorities and explain that they do not offer sufficient services in this field and that we could do it better with less expenditure and with more savings in the field of public health expenses. If we make them feel our effectiveness and essentialness as health personnel in problems like rational medicine usage, chronic diseases, obesity, quitting smoking and tracking of patient care, the respondents will have to accept that the fact we are right about the valid request of profession rights, that we have always mentioned.

We, as the Pharmacy Cooperative Unions, support the acceptance of new formations of our colleagues to track the elements of modernization and we continue to give intense educations to our pharmaceutical cooperatives on the subjects of category and sales without ruling out our values of consultant pharmacist, farmakovijilans, finance and management, deontology and ethics and we continue studies that will add value to our profession. Dear colleagues, as the cooperative union we have to carry out the good relations we have established with our shareholders in the medicine industry to another dimension. The pharmacy cooperation is not just a distribution channel but also a socio-economic civil society and we have to feel that we are an institution who best knows the reflexes in the industry, to transfer it to the base level. Especially our last feature, I believe, is important and significant for the industry. I believe this privilege is important for them to perceive our cooperation in a different way. Dear friends, there are 800 million cooperative members around the world. In our country, if there is a support for the cooperatives, not in words but with actions and sincerity, the boost of the economy and the rise of successful businesses will be seen. The existence of successful cooperatives, despite all the hardships in our country, is a proof of this discourse. The 21st century could be the century of cooperatives just as long as the others don’t disturb or restrain us…

To better days…

" Kanaatim odur ki birleşmede muhakkak suretle kuvvet vardır. Kooperatif yapmak maddi ve manevi kuvvetleri, zeka ve maharetleri birleştirmektir. " M. Kemal ATATÜRK