Dear My Colleagues
Dear My Colleagues and Dear Partners, We have left behind a year. Sadly, it was a year of terrorism ...
Phar.Mustafa TURUNÇ
Association of All Pharmacists Cooperatives
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Who Are We? ...
At the end of the 70s when political turmoils were experienced in Turkey, in a period when economic conditions got difficult, drug supplies were dependent to a great extent on abroad, the commercial wholesalers acted arbitrarily while providing pharmacies with medicines, pharmacists faced the risk of closing down their pharmacies; we began to devel... detail..

Local Associations

  • Çağdaş Eczacılar Laboratuvarı

  • Dogal Destek Urunleri A.S.

  • Farmalojistik A.Ş.

  • Foreing Associations

  • SECOF (European Association of Pharmacist Cooperatives)

  • GIRP (European Association of Pharmaceutical Full-Line Wholesalers)