Local Associations

Çağdaş Eczacılar Laboratuvarı

Çağdaş Eczacılar Laboratuvarı partnered by pharmacists and pharmacy cooperatives is a reliable pharmaceutical production unit of which 6930 pharmacists are the natural partners.
With the efforts it has been making since its establishment, the laboratory has adopted reasonable prices, reliable production, professional honor as its fundamental principles and gains more power day by day by the contribution of individuals as well as corporate colleagues. It has worked and is now working on issues such as having outsource production, importing natural origin drug products, researches on the drugs and formulations needed in the country, relations with foreign manufacturers, speeding up the production and creating resources.
The pharmacist’s own production is presented to the public by the service of the pharmacists in an always reliable manner and complying with the traditions of the profession.

Doğal Destek Ürünleri A.Ş.

Dogal Destek Urunleri A.S, has been established to manufacture natural support products serving for human health by partnership of Association of All Pharmacists Cooperatives (TEKB) and TIKTA A.S. It has been manufacturing care sets, care products and oils extracted from various herbs under the brand, Tabia.



" Kanaatim odur ki birleşmede muhakkak suretle kuvvet vardır. Kooperatif yapmak maddi ve manevi kuvvetleri, zeka ve maharetleri birleştirmektir. " M. Kemal ATATÜRK