TEKB puts effort to provide the cooperative member pharmacies with a different and modern identity to help them increase the business administration efficiency and the service quality; therefore, to make them an important unit in the health system and preferred by the public. 

Adopting getting strong by making its members stronger and growing with them as a principle, TEKB centralizes strategic functions, leaves implementation to the concerns and works to make the pharmacy cooperatives stronger. 

TEKB aims at turning cooperatives into organizations to respond to the needs of the members also apart from product supplies and acting as consultants; increasing the loyalty of the member pharmacies and creating a difference in competition with the power of being an organization. 

TEKB is operated in the country with the pharmacy cooperatives under its roof following the technology, aiming at quality in service, planning the future and taking firm steps forward.

" Kanaatim odur ki birleşmede muhakkak suretle kuvvet vardır. Kooperatif yapmak maddi ve manevi kuvvetleri, zeka ve maharetleri birleştirmektir. " M. Kemal ATATÜRK