Who Are We?

At the end of the 70s when political turmoils were experienced in Turkey, in a period when economic conditions got difficult, drug supplies were dependent to a great extent on abroad, the commercial wholesalers acted arbitrarily while providing pharmacies with medicines, pharmacists faced the risk of closing down their pharmacies; we began to develop in the pursuit of being organized that brought togetherness, sharing and equality forward in the future of the profession of pharmaceutics, by the leadership of conscious and devoted pharmacists.

Following the first pharmacist cooperatives founded in Manisa, Izmir and Bursa, in many regions of the country, conscious, devoted, modern and liberal pharmacists evaluating the regional conditions prevalent where they were in the best possible way led the establishment of the other pharmacist cooperatives only by the power and support they received by their own members.

Association of All Pharmacists Cooperatives founded in 1989 is the meta-association of the present pharmacist cooperatives in the country. TEKB aims at following up all the actions and developments in the global and Turkish industry, taking encouraging actions to develop the common cooperatives and member bases; realizing various projects and events about pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutics, thus providing the pharmaceutical and health industries with new services.

Adopting growing with its members as a principle, TEKB centralizes strategic functions, leaves implementation to the concerns and works to make the pharmacy cooperatives stronger and creates policies in line with these objectives. 

Under the roof of TEKB, 6 pharmacist cooperatives give service at the moment:

Bursa Pharma. Coop. (1979)
Edak Pharma. Coop. (1979)
Eskişehir Pharma. Coop. (1980)
Güney Pharma. Coop. (1989)
İstanbul Pharma. Coop. (1989)
Çekoop (2010)
Farmakoop (2014)


Pharmacist Cooperatives are organizations which;

  • supply and distribute the requirements of the pharmacist partners,
  • protect the rights and interests of the partners by contributing in the healthy development of pharmacies and the pharmaceutical industry,
  • aim at growth and improvement only with the power they receive by their partners and making the pharmacist have a voice in the industry.

Common Properties of Pharmacist Cooperatives;

  • Equal Participation: Each member/partner has a single vote and equal rights to elect and be elected.
  • Transparency and Independent Audit: Pharmacist cooperatives are audited every year by independent audit companies.
  • Dividend: The cooperatives distribute the difference of income-expenditure they incur in a year to the partners on the proportion of their purchases (as per the Cooperation Law and the Articles of Association) as dividend.