The mission of common cooperatives

  • To bring a modern quality to the drug procurement and supply service, which is the primary requirement of the members
  • To carry out new service projects in line with the mission of and in cooperation with TEKB
  • To provide the members with new services and thus, increasing their efficiency and so, to channel the new resources created in this way to investment again for the members
  • To make the cooperative member pharmacies preferred by the end user
  • To turn the systems that cause a loss in resources to systems creating resources
  • To assign the additional resources obtained to projects to realize new service designs with technologic, financial, organizational and administrative regulations
" Kanaatim odur ki birleşmede muhakkak suretle kuvvet vardır. Kooperatif yapmak maddi ve manevi kuvvetleri, zeka ve maharetleri birleştirmektir. " M. Kemal ATATÜRK